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CheapOstay Review – Are They A Reliable Hotel Reservation Company?

To some, CheapOstay is just another one of those online travel agencies with gimmicky names. But are they reliable enough and can they really get cheap hotel rooms as the name claims?

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Specifically, CheapOstay is an online hotels‘ only reservation agency. Though they are a part of a bigger Internet travel agency with offers on plane tickets and car rentals. There are many other online travel companies that provide the same services but CheapOstay is very good at providing better rates than their local competitors but not as well as their regional counterparts.

In a nutshell CheapOstay offers low discount hotel rates for accommodations in the United States and neighboring countries like Canada, South America and the islands off of the east coast of USA.

However, they do not seem to provide better rates or offer more choices of accommodations in Asia and Europe. That is because CheapOstay is a company based in the USA. Since they are headquartered there they are much more knowledgeable and specialized about the hotel market in the North and South American region. Though they are worth checking and comparing for room rates for any hotel in the world you are interested in staying at.

Hotel properties all over the world partner with CheapOstay because they will be much more easier to be found on the Internet. After all, 99.9% of all travelers today book their own hotel rooms on the world wide web. By partnering with CheapOstay, hotels have greater chances of having their properties noticed by travelers looking for budget hotels and luxury accommodations from New York to San Francisco. 

In return, CheapOstay or any other hotel reservation agency receives a block of discounted room rates at which when a room is booked a part of the discount gets passed onto guests.

Best thing of all though is when hotels have some sort of fire sale where they immediately have to have a certain amount of rooms filled. Hotels will notify CheapOstay about these last minute hotel deals that are not advertised on their own website. Hotels will usually put up last minute hotel deals on CheapOstay because they need to meet some required room quota for the month to avoid losing money.

In the world of advertising and marketing it’s usually companies with such cheesy names that actually perform as advertised. In this case CheapOstay does provide cheaper rates for hotels.


Which 4G Company Offers the Best Wireless Internet Deal?

Are you trying to decide which company offering 4G wireless service offers the best deal? You can evaluate mobile wireless Internet companies based on several factors. You’ll also need to consider your own situation and what you need or want to be able to do with wireless Internet service.

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Service plans are the first factor to consider when you’re evaluating a provider offering fourth generation Internet service. If you know what you want with 4G, it’s easy to see whether or not a company makes it available.

Depending on your situation, you may want any one or all of the following types of 4G services included in a plan:

* Home service that allows you to go online with a wireless connection at DSL speeds.

* Mobile wireless service that enables you to access the Internet anywhere you go within 4G network range.

* VoIP phone service for your home, so you can significantly cut the cost of your phone service.

If a company offers these services, you can then move on to price comparison shopping. This will only be possible, however, if more than one provider is offering 4G service in your area.

Right now, companies that provide wireless Internet service are competing fiercely for your business. This means that most are offering terrific deals on service plans and bundled service packages. To get the very best deal possible, you’ll need to compare monthly rates for the services you want.

The key in comparing monthly rates is to look at how much service will cost on a monthly basis. You need to decide whether you want long term or short term service at this point to take advantage of the best deals possible.

If you know you’ll be moving to a different city or state in the next few months, you’ll want to avoid long term contracts. It will make sense to take advantage of whatever short term sign up deals are available.

One of the challenges of comparing monthly service fees for wireless Internet providers is the conditions you must meet in order to get signup deals. You may need to sign a long term contract to obtain a discount, or you may need to sign up for services you really may not want. This is why you should decide on your services first, then comparison shop monthly prices.

Another factor to consider when you’re evaluating monthly service fees and contract discounts for long term service are termination fees. What happens if you decide to stop your service, or you have to break a contract? Comparison shop these fees to at the very least avoid unpleasant surprises.

One final factor to consider when you’re shopping around for the best 4G service provider deal is the cost of equipment. Most companies offer modems and other accessories for their services at similar prices. However, some companies are now offering home modems at very low prices to entice you to sign up. You can take advantage of these opportunities for savings regardless of whether you sign a lengthy contract or opt for month-to-month, shorter term service.

Best Reliable Online Hotel Booking Company Reviews

Skip the travel agencies. Reserving hotels online on your own is the key to saving yourself some hard earned cash. After all there are many reliable online travel agencies today to choose from. But which one truly offers the best hotel rates? That’s what we’re going to discover today.

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When it comes to choosing which companies to use to book hotels online you should find a company that specializes in the hotel market for the country you are planning to visit. It is really that simple. Normally we would book our hotels using the services of the biggest and most well known Internet travel agencies such as Travelocity or Priceline. But these companies dabble with plane tickets and car rentals, plus they are based in the United States and without a doubt get you best hotel rates in Florida, but not Shanghai or Egypt.

Here are some localized reliable hotel reservation agencies you should check out:

Europe, Middle East and Africa: From France to South Africa, one of the biggest and most well known and trusted hotel reservation agency for these regions is Booking.com. They have multiple offices throughout Europe and have excellent hotel connections with regions around the continent.
Asia: The undisputed champion hotel agency in the Asian market is Agoda. Though if you need a hotel specifically in Japan I recommend Rakuten Travel.
North America and South America: There are many agencies based in the United States which also provides discounted room rates in Canada and south of the Texas border. But one particular company that outshines the rest is CheapOstay.

The main reason why local based hotel reservation agencies are able to get the best deals is because they have a much better understanding about the region they represent and have a closer partnership with the hotels they are partnered with. They are the masters of marketing and have a better presence on the Internet and therefore able to reach more prospective guests. Hotels realize that these agencies have a greater potential of getting their properties known.

Even though you may not have heard of any of these companies before they are certainly well known throughout the regions they are based in. Booking a hotel online is simple and easy these days. Remember to think local and book local. It’s one of the best ways of landing yourself the best hotel deals.